2019 Board Election

Anne‐Laure Jousselme


Anne‐Laure Jousselme is with the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) in La Spezia (Italy) since 2014. She is Vice President Membership of the International Society of Information Fusion (ISIF) and is member of the Board of Directors of the Belief Functions and Applications Society (BFAS) since 2012, serving as Secretary since 2018. She has served on program and organization committees of international conferences such as Fusion, Belief, SUM, CTFG workshop, CogSima. She was general chair of the 5th School on Belief Functions and Their Applications held in Siena (Italy) in 2019. She is associate editor of the Perspectives on Information Fusion magazine and area editor of the International Journal of Approximate Reasoning. Her current research interests are high‐level and hard & soft information fusion, reasoning under uncertainty, information quality assessment and assessment of uncertainty representation and reasoning techniques, applied to Maritime Situation Awareness.


My goals in serving as a BFAS Board Member would be to support and further develop existing initiatives aiming at fostering connections between academics and practitioners. In particular I would continue encouraging the cross-fertilization of ideas between the Information Fusion and Belief Functions communities, in the aim of providing Belief Functions with a greater visibility, generating opportunities to demonstrate their strength in practical situations, while triggering further theoretical research.